About Hartwood

Hartwood is a small private philanthropic trust, with ambitious aims of supporting and enabling the restoration of interlinked, tribal communities embedded in spirit and landscape, as a practical way of transitioning to a sustainable and fulfilling future for all.

Of necessity we are beginning small, but hope to build on the success of the initial group of Hubseeds by fund-raising and land donations to create ever more opportunities for young families, single parents and others to begin the task of building their own joyful futures together.

Our hands-on approach is focused on joyfully nurturing our children, as they are our future. Nurturing each other in community, healing and re-learning the skills that allowed us to become human in the first place. Acknowledging that land is life, a gift of the Goddess; and divine gifts cannot be stolen with impunity. “How can you sell the sky, or the sparkle on the water” is not just poetry from a vanishing culture, it is a profound, culture-shaping fact. For the many born landless, being unable to buy their way to freedom is an impassable obstacle to creating their own futures, and making a beautiful difference to our gorgeous world.

The trust aims include:

  •   Return this freely-given divine gift of life in a small but practical way. Trust funds are used to reclaim land, through purchase of suitable small plots from the dominator economy. These are then held in perpetual trust, owned by none, protected by chosen trustees, and used to create fertile ground for hubseeds.
  •   Land for Hubseeds and facilities are made available at no cost to residents, in return for committing to healing themselves and their community, primarily through self-awareness,  reconnection, conscious relationship, shared work and resources, group childcare and nurture.
  •   Support all efforts to repair and reconnect the essential web of trust which underpins a sustainable society by recovering empowerment, recognition and autonomy for all in every aspect of their lives.
  •   Nourish our children together. Every adult a parent.  Live the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. Recreating the ancient, solid kinship relationships that broaden the base for family stability or support way beyond transient desires. Our children’s wholeness as self-confident caring, sharing beings is the foundation of our future.
  •   Explore and rebuild our broken tribal patterns of kith and kin which have profoundly met our physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual needs for untold generations. Re-wilding ourselves. Heal ourselves that we may heal the world.
  •   Expand the story of human potential, learn tried and tested indigenous technologies for maintaining community. Relaim our true history – the almost forgotten peaceful partnership civilisations which flourished long ago, before warfare became the norm after the catastrophic end of the last Ice Age. Cultures whose peaceful, sharing and sophisticated lifestyles prove our loving and co-operative capabilities.
  •   Co-ordinate workshops led by experienced facilitators and trainers in various skills necessary to further the healing of these often challenging experiences, as well as learning from the experiences of other hubseeds.