Volunteering is the best way to see where and if you truly resonate with any particular Hubseed’s aims and ambience, or just come to learn and experience what we are about. Volunteers can help prepare new sites e.g. creating the hub eco-build from local materials, or establishing food and water supplies or helping with specific projects run by established hubseeds. Instruction and accomodation are always free, food cheap or included too, depending on local resources. Any available volunteer spaces are listed here.


Hartwood Trust provides as many hubseed spaces within its means wherever possible. To this end the Trustees will consider all offers of suitable land. All property purchased by, or gifted to Hartwood, is held in the Trust in perpetuity i.e. it can never again be sold or individually owned. In some circumstances long peppercorn leases may be a workable alternative. If you have land you think may be suitable, please contact land@hartwood.info.


Offers of materials, tools or equipment are always welcome. If you have anything you think may be useful, please contact resource@hartwood.info.  We will arrange collection of all suitable items.


All donations go directly to fund more hubseed sites, shared tools and equipment, to cover feeding volunteers and occasional expenses for specialist workshop leaders. Every little helps free more land for more living spaces.

You can easily donate here with Paypal. Goddess Bless!


Pay Less As You Go is an independent startup with all profits donated to the Hartwood Trust. PlayGo offers a cheap, sim-free global voice, sms and geolocated number service as an alternative to traditional telecom deals. No end-of-month ripoffs, simple to use with same rates from anywhere in the world. Works with all landlines, any device with an internet connection: PC, Laptop, Tablet, smartphone etc. Save money while helping others find a better way of life. Check it out at: PlayGo.tel


Since each hubseed is autonomous, to become family you need to be accepted by the existing clan, or HubMother if it is a new seedling site. In both cases this will usually be after spending time there helping and getting to know each other. You can see available spaces here.


When first establishing each Hubseed, we have at least one elder living on site to welcome volunteers and potential residents, basically tending them through the early stages to help get established. Provide information and guidance if necessary until the energy is flowing well. It is then the HubMother’s choice to remain as part of the family or move to another new site if they feel called to continue the role. This role is open to all genders. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact hubmother@hartwood.info